KUKA-Genius does not only inspire us.
An overview of won prizes and awards.

KUKA Industries joins the winners

Augsburg / Essen, June 2015 – KUKA Genius: the compact, modular friction welding machine from KUKA Industries has received the 2015 Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design category.

The “red dot” is recognized as a top quality seal for outstanding design. Every year an international panel of experts awards prizes to products from around the globe. Up against thousands of other entries, the KUKA Genius came out on top due to its appealing design coupled with a high degree of functionality as well as straightforward and ergonomic operation. “Our friction welding machine prevailed against a host of other products and we can say with pride that our machine is one of the year’s best,” says Harald Heinrich, Project Manager for research and development.

In friction welding, the heat generated by friction is used to join different materials together. KUKA established this special form of solid-state welding as an industrial joining process almost 50 years ago and developed it further by means of innovations, such as short-cycle welding and defined-angle friction welding. With the new KUKA Genius, the joining specialist has gone one innovative step further by offering a flexible, high-performance solution for the implementation of friction welding processes covering a broad product range.

KUKA Genius – ingeniously simple, simply ingenious

An interdisciplinary project team of more than 40 specialists from every field contributed to the development of the new generation of friction welding machines. The challenge: to create a product which meets the requirements of customers while being straightforward and not overly complex. KUKA Industries has achieved this with the KUKA Genius. The customized comprehensive solution is easily installed, space-saving and can be configured according to the welding task. “With the KUKA Genius you can work with customers to configure the machine to their requirements using a multitude of technology modules – just as the prospective user’s component, production planning and manufacturing strategies require,” says Michael Büchler, Project Manager in the field of mechanical design. “We are particularly happy that the KUKA Genius is not only well-received by our customers, but has now also impressed the panel of experts.”