Generously dimensioned work doors

Easy access - Generously dimensioned operator and maintenance doors enable optimal access from above and at the front of the machine.

Integrated light curtain

Short cycle times and utmost safety - Integrated light curtain for cycle time optimization with the highest safety level

Variable doors

Safety and ergonomics - The weight-optimized operator door of variable size makes extremely short cycle times possible. The user-friendly layout of the working area ensures optimal ergonomic operation.

Color-coded signal lamps

Work efficiency - Signal lamps provide color-coded information about the machine status

Transport-optimized design

Plug & Play - Integration of hydraulic and electrical equipment reduces the floor space requirement and simplifies transportation

KUKA Genius

KUKA Industries established friction welding as a special form of solid-state welding as an industrial joining process almost 50 years ago. With the new KUKA Genius, the joining specialist now offers a flexible, energy-efficient, high-performance machine for the implementation of friction welding processes for a broad product range.